Life Investment

What do you want out of life? Have you ever asked anyone or yourself this question? If you haven’t asked yourself this you should pause and take a moment to do so. 

The most common responses to this question involves three things: health, family, and travel.  Oh, but what about money, you may ask? Most of us know it’s not money that we love but it’s the financial freedom that it brings us.  The fact that we work hard is not for money but, for the value in life it can add. The importance of this value varies from one individual to another.  It’s amazing how much time we put into improving or maintaining our social and economical status of life. We all want the best for our families and let’s face it no one wants to end up on the streets. 

Are You Ready For Change?

Have you ever said to yourself “I want to make my life better?” Most, if not all of us have or will say it at some point. It may be that you want more time with your family; you may want to decrease your level of stress, or live healthier and lose weight. These are just a few things that are, or should be important to all of us as humans.

Diet Vs. Exercise

Which has more impact on weight loss?

You know you need to eat the right foods and get regular exercise to lose weight. But when the thought of early morning workouts at the gym is overwhelming and the idea of counting calories is making you think twice about getting healthy, you may wonder, “Do I really have to do both? Could I only do one or the other and still see the results I want?”

What your question boils down to is this: Is diet or exercise more effective in the weight loss battle? Many people have asked the same question. Here's the answer.

Fit after 50

You're never too old to exercise.

An active lifestyle is important at every age, but becomes an even greater factor in health as you age. Regular exercise helps control body weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It reduces your risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart attack and keeps your bones and muscles strong to ward off osteoporosis. In essence, regular exercise slows the aging process and improves your quality of life so you're able to stay independent as long as possible.

Rules of Exercise

The do’s and don'ts when it comes to exercise.

The fitness world can be a confusing place to navigate. Everyone you talk to has a different piece of advice or warning when it comes to stretching, proper form, injury prevention, or staying hydrated. To whom do you listen? If you're new to exercise, your personal trainer can guide you through the ins and outs of getting in shape and reaching your goals, but you may have questions you’re embarrassed to ask.

What Happens When You Don't Exercise

Sit around all day and you can expect to be sick, overweight, depressed, and on your way to premature death.

It's easy to focus on the present without thought of the future, but the choices you make today will affect tomorrow. Stay up late tonight and you’ll be tired tomorrow morning. Skip flossing for a few months and your dentist is more likely to find cavities. Skip exercising and—well, you can overcome that any day, right? After all, you're in good health and not too overweight, so why exercise? Since you don't have time to workout and prefer not to break a sweat, you may think you are exempt from needing to work out.