As one moves into their 55+ years of life, the importance of fitness becomes amplified. One of life’s goals for most is to maintain physical wellness as long as possible, but this is not always easy to do or maintain without a qualified personal trainer while also fitting within your budget. Fit & Functional Seniors: A 55+ group training is a cost-effective program designed to meet the needs and goals of seniors that want to be fit and continue to physically live life the way they want. In this program you will improve your fitness through balance, postural, strength, core, functional and cardiovascular training. 

Workouts are 50 minutes long with a variety of training formats.  

* The program is for individuals that have at least a grade of 3 for functional capacity,   meaning you can independently get down and up off the floor. For individuals that do not meet this requirement semi-private or private training sessions would be the best starting option. 

* A standard Fit & Functional fitness assessment is required before starting.